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Who are we?

We deliver an innovative approach to an otherwise traditional industry

Top Gun Formation is the best solution to optimize the satisfaction of your customers and the profit of your F&I department.

Top Gun Formation offers you the opportunity to complement your F&I team with our dynamic team of financial managers. Our winning flight plan is to establish 3 key values for the success of this department, which is essential to your customers’ loyalty: reliability, service and experience!

Our high availability and speed of execution make us the perfect ally for your salespeople and sales management. The close relationship we build with your team makes us a winning combination in every respect. We inspire others to excel and be performance-oriented.

Together, the Top Gun team will restore the dealer financial services industry to its rightful place as a pleasant, pressure-free and transparent experience.

Call us to discuss a business partnership with efficient, dynamic turnkey service to optimize your long-term profits!